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M7 / M8

This project included the re construction of 12 bridge decks along the M7/M8 motorway.All works were carried out under a 12km exclusion zone working alongside live traffic.The project involved the removal of bridge deck plinths, drainage upgrade ducting and resurfacing.


The project required very strict timetable whereby the road was taken into possession of DM Morris on Monday at 9:00am and was handed back to the client every Friday at 12:00pm. No Penalties were incurred by the Contractor.

The contractor met the schedule and successfully completed the works.

The project included the plaining off the existing road surface approximately 11000sqm of surfacing, and the and the application of line markings and cats’ eyes.

The removal of 24 no. concrete plinths and excavation of 1m below ground level was replaced by lean mix and 32mm road base macadam, with geotextile and road drainage. All bridge decks were resealed.

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